Stepping out in faith…

Hi, been a long time since I’ve been on here to share my own thoughts, but at the prompting of the Holy Spirit & a providential encouragement last night from a brother in Christ, whom I thank, I’ve decided just to do something short to start.

But first want to apologize to all of you who I follow on WP, just haven’t kept up, and I know I’ve missed a lot of wonderful posts, so with His help I’m going to try to change that.

For this morning, I’ve started with this Matt Redman video, cause it summarizes where I’m at now & have been for a while. I would imagine no one remembers, and I’m not prepared to go back and reread them to see where I left off, but had been through much and by God’s grace & faithfulness came out the other side. I’ve titled this stepping out in faith because it’s what He’s helped me do lately….literally pushed me out of a place I’d lived for 5 years (my landlord assaulted & robbed me) and brought me to a new town. It’s a long story but my purpose in mentioning it is for any of you who are hesitant of new things, major life changes…I just want to declare His faithfulness in every single step, He never leaves nor forsakes us. I mean, we’ve all heard that Scripture, and sometimes in the middle of a massive shift it’s somehow just out there & not real, but absolutely every time I’ve been led through & have time to reflect I see the unchanging truth of it. So please remember to lean on Him. Your source of provision, safety & joy.

I have a habit of getting chatty:) so I think for now I’ll go….with rich blessings in Christ, and prayers for all, that you trust Him literally with your very life. May God be praised & glorified.

laid down with love,  Linda



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