Romans 8:1: No Condemnation

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“Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”
Romans 8:1

This speaks to being justified before God. That God is declaring a believer to be righteous by imputing Christ’s righteousness to them.

“no condemnation” (οὐδείς κατάκριμα) “ou” is the strongest negative in Greek. “eis” is the masculine form of “one.” Properly, “no one.”

The best English word I can use to drive home the power and finality of “ou” is the word, “never”. Katakrima is a sentence of damnation.

Paul is saying that those justified in Christ can “Never” be condemned to Hell. The passage of Romans 8 goes on to tell us that nothing in creation can separate true believers from the love of Christ. (Romans 8:37-39).

There are those that posit an unbiblical fallacy that we are in charge of our salvation, and therefore can lose it. This fallacy is foundational to…

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