When I Debated a Calvinist

May many be blessed …..

Calvinist Vader

I really don’t care what you call it.

It could be called “Tacoism” or “Fat Catism” for all I care, but the world calls it “Calvinism.” To me, it’s just a name to describe a set of beliefs drawn from Scripture. Yes…John Calvin was very instrumental in the revival of theses beliefs in the 16th century, but they don’t belong to him. It could have been Bea O’Problem instead of John Calvin. It doesn’t matter who it is.

I’m a Calvinist because I see these things taught in Scripture. I didn’t become a Calvinist and then sought out the Scriptures to pack it up.In fact, quite the opposite happened. I didn’t want to become a Calvinist since I heard all kinds of bad things associated with it when I was younger.

“Calvinist believe God is like some sort of mean first team captain on the playground who picks his favorites.”No…

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