Whose Sin was Greater? Peter’s or Judas’s?

Excellent, thought provoking piece.Thanks Adam.

Citizen of New Jerusalem

Yesterday I created a Twitter poll, with results here:

As you can see, only 5 of 36 people agreed with my position that Peter’s sin was greater than Judas’s. I expected and hoped for this type of outcome, to help illustrate a couple points.

First of all, I hoped it was obvious that I meant Peter’s denial versus Judas’s betrayal. Angela Georgantas makes a great point here:

Indeed, if we are comparing Judas’s ultimate despair toward the mercy of God, then he is the king sinner in this matchup, but in fact I’m comparing denial and betrayal. In that regard, Angela is correct: “Judas’s great sin wasn’t betraying Jesus” — and I would contend, Judas’s betrayal was nowhere as serious as Peter’s denial of Jesus.


1) Sin, in its two forms of commission and omission, is greater or lesser in God’s eyes according to the person and circumstances of…

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