I’d be greatly remiss if I didn’t take time right at the outset to acknowledge what a wonderful blessing the many brothers and sisters in Christ I have ‘met’ on Twitter are in my life. Having spent many isolated years because of the abuse it’s like I’m now in a different world. I am I guess, now amongst the family of God.

I’m so very grateful for all of the kindness I see and hear and receive on Twitter…been a decade or more since I’ve experienced that. Hard to explain the preciousness of that; so healing by God’s grace. He is such an awesome God. So thank you..


  • Hope to soon be able to get my own pics on here, taken in my yard with a simple canon powershot,point and shoot, but sincerely hope they will be a blessing to you…….and of course thank you for ‘listening’ . All part of the journey of blessed healing He continues to walk me through day by day.                    May our loving Almighty God richly bless you.


  1. Thank you so much Mary Ann for your comment. I didn’t join too long ago either. The family of God on Twitter is so very large and diverse….I find it just grows naturally. Twitter itself will make recommendations, and I found a lot of friends by following retweets. When I am done here I will go and follow you 🙂 God bless you…you will be surprised and blessed by how quickly the Lord expands your loving network. 🙂


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